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Between tradition and modernity

Our restaurant represents for us the union between sea and land, the imposing Bastioni that surround Alger, as well as the sea that bathes them. This same sea that feeds us both the body and the soul.

Those who go to the Mirador, in fact, can enjoy the flavours that the sea and the land grant, the extraordinary view and also the history that these walls transpire.

This is why our menu is inspired by this combination: the sea, the land and the history of Alghero.


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One of our most popular recipes is that of seared octopus, an appetizer in which this wonderful being of the abyss meets the flavours of the earth and its vegetables.
Thanks to this bond, the flavour of the octopus enhanced by vacuum cooking is enriched by chickpea hummus.

In fact, with the vacuum sealed technique it is possible to cook the octopus slowly and allow it to keep inside all its precious and tasty meat.
How will the sauce that surrounds this fabulous dish be composed? Simple, what is released during cooking by the octopus is thickened and transformed into a mayonnaise that is iodized and very tasty even without the addition of salt.
To a sauce with such an accentuated flavour, we combined smoked paprika in order to dampen it a little.
What can I say, all the strength and character of the sea in a recipe with a strong taste that knows how to remain imprinted on those who savour it?


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The strong and continuous link between sea and land is also rediscovered in this fantastic dish in which we can find even 3 typical and characteristic products of our island.
The onion is accompanied by Sardinian pecorino and spiny artichokes typical of Sardinia.
The pecorino is transformed into a very tasty fondue on which a very crunchy puff pastry of our production is placed into the centre of the plate. The artichokes are the side dish. Bottarga, which has always been used both to preserve food and to enrich them with the taste of fish, is placed in flakes on top of the artichokes.
Pecorino and bottarga, two products with a very high umami, find a contrast with the sweet onion which once cooked at low temperature and caramelized becomes even sweeter.