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The seabed of Alghero


Alghero is a wonderful destination to visit, both the ancient walls and the historical part, and for its beaches, but also for its wonderful seabed. A magical underwater world reachable by various ways: diving, boat trips, snorkelling, underwater fishing, and more…. let's discover it together.


Submerged caves, colourful fish, lobsters and dream-like depths full of corals can be found few hundred meters from the coast, as Alghero is the city of coral and various populations can be found in the seabed.

Moray eels, catshark, groupers, white breams, and many other fish species populate these fabulous seabeds where you can get lost or find yourself.

How To See The Seabeds

Starting from the port of Alghero, you can reach these fantastic and suggestive underwater destinations. The various piers located in the port allow you to rent diving equipment and expert staff will accompany you to visit the natural beauties. The underwater caves of Alghero are very suggestive and fascinating natural architectural pieces, reachable only by diving with the help of scuba tanks. The climate of these environments is surreal and the encounters that can be made during the excursions remain etched throughout life. The fauna formed by many species of fish and the colourful flora are spectacular. Of course, we recommend diving only if well prepared or accompanied by qualified divers.

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The Moray

A ferocious predator

This formidable predator can be very dangerous but can also be an affectionate puppy. It all depends on how you approach it and the attention you pay in giving it confidence. It can detach a finger with a single bite and its jaws are among the most powerful in the underwater realm. It has smooth skin and some of them have a second jaw in the oesophagus which is useful for pushing larger prey into the stomach ... so beware.


The Lobster

Mighty creature

Very similar to the American species the Sardinian is bluish with yellow spots. Equipped with powerful claws to fight, break, cut, it also has two tiny claws useful for the most meticulous jobs. Pay attention to the thorns located near the eyes. This formidable inhabitant of the abyss can reach 50 centimetres and its meat is very prestigious.

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The Sea Anemone

One of the many species

These shellfish that inhabit the seabed are living beings, and we can say that they colour the seabed like the flowers on a lawn would. Mostly harmless, some species of our seas can be irritating sometimes they can be poisonous to humans. if you try to touch them, they will retreat inside their body dissolving all their magic.


Another masterpiece of nature to be admired in religious silence

The Caves of Neptune

They are a wonder for the eyes and a worldwide recognised natural masterpiece. It is impossible to visit Alghero without passing through this wonderful destination, reachable via the staircase that winds from Capocaccia or by boat or raft. The latter can be a destination to be faced before or after a dive in the splendid sea outside the cave which among other things is a wonderful, protected nature reserve.

And for dinner?

Once the dive is finished you will be hungry ... well, along I Bastioni of the ancient walls of Alghero, there are various restaurants and from some of them you can enjoy the sunset on Capocaccia, admiring the sea visited a few hours before and enjoy its flavours so to experience in all its entirety. Book a space on the beautiful Mirador terrace.

The main dish of the restaurants in the maritime areas is fish of course, and the chef of the Mirador goes every day to the Alghero fish market and prepare exquisite dishes with a refined flavour.

One of the famous Algherese dishes is the Catalan lobster, as famous as it is a delicious dish based on this prestigious crustacean.